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I need help summarising two psychology articles. Each of them has to be 2 pages long. Please follow the instructions and try to wright two pages.

I am posting two pdf documents

The instructions

1.carefully read an article


2.write a 2-page paper (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins) answering the following questions  1 through 5. (I will work on question number 2)

3. Make sure you answer questions 1 (bolded).

4. Make sure to indicate the title and authors of the article.


  1. What is the main point or finding of the article? (in your own words)
    1. What did the authors do? What did they find?
  2. How does the research relate to topics that you’ve learned in this course? (be specific)
  3. Do you have any critiques of the study? Are there alternative explanations?
  4. What are some important implications or consequences of this research? If true, then what would that mean?
  5. How does this research apply to your everyday life experiences? What did you find most interesting about this research?
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