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I need someone to create a 3 page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  handout with 5 references from peer-reviewed journals to support your FAQs on the continuum of elder care services available that serve a wide range of needs from least to most severe. The information that you compile could be given to older adults or their family members to help them understand the continuum of elder care.
Incorporate the following in your FAQ sheet:
Identify three to four important facts that individuals and families need to know about the continuum of elder care.

Present this information in a question/answer format; your answers should be at least two to three paragraphs in length and include citations from scholarly sources.

Discuss the types of resources available to address concerns ranging from challenges in independent living, to moderate assistance, to long-term specialized care; the continuum of care available to serve older adults; and, how the resources provide support to the older adult and/or family.

Identify at least three specific resources individuals and families should know that exist in your community.

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