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For this part of the paper project, you will finally incorporate research into your investigation of the art object. In most cases, you will likely find it difficult to research the exact artwork you selected from the museum, but in many instances you can research the type of art object (e.g. chi wara antelope headdresses, nkisi nkondi, maori meeting houses, ukiyo-e, Shiva Nataraja, etc.) You may also research peripheral subjects that help inform the object, such as social, historical, or religious context–for example, myths, common symbols, religious beliefs, or literature might help you understand the piece. If you know little about your piece, start by consulting a general reference to get some background before deciding where to direct further research. I am available for meetings to provide research guidance once you have obtained a general overview of the object. Be sure to use reputable sources and to cite your sources both in-text and in a complete and accurate work cited page. Works Cited Page Your Works Cited page must include a minimum of three sources. They should include representation from the following information sources: Reference sources (encyclopedias, art dictionaries, etc.) Books (hard copy or ebooks) Scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles Videos or DVDs, hard copy or streaming (no more than one may be used) Museum websites Reputable, scholarly websites only (Evaluating Websites Checklist must be filled out for each website used) You may review the following for general background information, research ideas, or for additional sources to consult (see the footnotes or the bibliographies), but you should not use them as one of your sources: Wikipedia Textbooks Your Works Cited page should follow proper MLA formatting, with sources alphabetized. ***Have to research this piece: Bishamon, 11th century, Japan

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