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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is for the student to discuss the impact of informatics including aspects of the electronic health record (EHR) and technology on safe nursing practice and patient safety. Introduction- • State general overview of the topic and purpose of paper. Aspects of Informatics and their impact on safety- • Discuss the use of the electronic health record and how it impacts patient safety • Discuss how data found within the electronic health record impacts patient safety • Compare and contrast 3 benefits and 3 drawbacks in the daily use of the informatics in the Neuro ICU • Discuss how informatics has made your individual practice safer in caring for your patient population Conclusion- • Summarize major concepts of paper. • Synthesize thoughts presented in body of paper and relate these to the introduction. References- • Use current scholarly resources (published in the last 5 years) • Use minimum of 2 references • Cite references appropriately (APA) throughout paper • Use APA correctly on reference page

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