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 Background: In this assignment you will interview a health care professional. I STRONGLY suggest that if you are interested in perusing a job in health care, that you interview someone who has the job that you want. If you are not pursuing a career in health care, please interview someone who you think has a particularly interesting job. Instructions: Step 1: Identify a health care professional and set up an interview Use the internet, make phone calls, or go to health care facilities to find a health care professional you are interested in talking to. You may conduct your interview in person or over the phone. You will need to start this part early to make sure you have enough time to schedule an interview. Step 2: Prepare for your interview Prepare a list of questions for your interview that will allow you to learn the following information: Job title and job responsibilities How the person spends their time at their job Best and worst parts of the job Academic degree needed for the job Their personal path into the job Skills that someone needs to succeed in their job Advice they have for someone who is pursuing this career Additionally, prepare a list of at least three additional questions that you are interested to learn about. 

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