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Read this article first , Is America Possible/The On Being Project ( Is the first one that comes up when you search it on Google) Then just answer the following questions :

1. What is the title of the article for review?

2. What does the title mean to you ? 3. Name the author of this article and give a brief summary of his/her accomplishments in the field of sociology. 4. What does the work of this author teach you about sociology and society? 5. Give a brief summary of this article 6. Highlight the main questions and conclusions of this article ( don’t have to highlight them just could write them out) 7. Which research methods were applied in this article 8. What lessons does the information tell us about sociological theories? 9.What lessons have you learned about sociology and the sociological imagination? 10.List at least five new sociological terms that you have learned from this review 11.List areas of agreement and disagreement you may have with this article. Explain 12. What is your conclusion? What lessons do you want the reader to learn from this review? 13.What lessons have you learned about social research methods 14. What lessons have you learned about human behavior and social interactions 15.What lessons have you learned about social change? 16.What lessons have you learned about yourself?

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