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Leadership Article Review Assignment Directions: Read a journal article on the relationship between “just culture and patient safety”. This article should have been published between 2013-2018. After reading the article, write a one to two page essay that includes your review of the article. The essay should be typed and double-spaced. The essay must be a MS Word document and submitted no later than Due date 11/29/18. Your review should include the following: • Brief summary of the main points of the article • Accurate paraphrase of the article without plagiarizing the author • Statement of why you chose the article • Discussion of something you learned from the article and how you will benefit from the information. In other words, how will this information affect your nursing practice? • Citation of the article in APA format Attach a copy of the article reviewed. Full credit will not be given if the article is not submitted with the essay. The essay must be turned in the assigned due date in order to receive full credit. There will be no late assignments accepted.

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