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Compare Jesus and John in the following blocks of material: Block 1: Matt 3:1-6//Luke 3:1-7a; John 1:19-23 Block 2: The Baptism of Jesus: Matt 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22; John 1:29-34 What are some of the similarities and differences between the four accounts? Can you see a pattern? Assuming Markan priority, what happens to the tradition after Mark? Block 3 : A Question About Fasting: Matt 9:14-17; Mark 2:18-22; Luke 5:33-39; Thomas 104; 47 Block 4: John Questions Jesus and Jesus Praises John: Matt 11:2-19//Luke 7:18-35; Thomas 78; 46) In Block 2, John seems to recognize Jesus and be certain about his identity. What do we see in this block? Why might Jesus have emphasized his healings in his response? What did he mean when he added at the end of his response “Blessed is he who takes no offence”? Include in your comparison what we can know of their appearances (clothing, demeanor, etc.), their interactions with others (fasting or feasting?), and practices (baptizing, miracle working, etc.). What can we conclude from this comparison about Jesus’ connection to John? How did Jesus view John? In what ways do Jesus’ parables both reflect and shape the person the gospels are presenting? In other words, how is this specific component of Jesus’ mission related to or distinct from other aspects of his ministry? Of the parables of Jesus that are likely authentic, which have you found in your studies for this lesson to be the most interesting, and why? What did you find challenging or interesting in this lesson that you would like to discuss with your fellow students? 2. make comment on paragraphs I provide later.

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