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COURSE DESCRIPTION Explores the process of planning for, starting and managing a small business. Topics include forms of ownership, management issues, financing the small business, the use of financial information as a decision tool, and legal aspects of running small business. PREREQUISITE: MGT2220 COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: • Assess the full range of issues facing today’s small business owners. • Evaluate the importance of location and layout as key criteria in small business success • Analyze the legal aspects of running a small business • Develop a business plan to start a small business. • Demonstrate knowledge of using financial information in managing a small business. • Examine the process of financing small business. • Analyze the ethical, social and legal aspects of working with small businesses REQUIRED RESOURCES To improve student learning and provide students with a more enjoyable academic experience, a customized eText and/or digital learning resources are provided for this course. T

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