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The final paper of the course should be a mini-research paper, i.e. it should have an academic design but at the same time be very limited in content. It is ok to address a wide topic, but try to find a specific question to ask. Only use a limited number of sources. One of them should be the book by O’Brien & Williams. The paper should have a question, a comment on the method, an investigation and an answer to the question. You don’t have to take a stand. It is ok to compare perspectives or theories and conclude on how they differ. An important contribution is often to structure an issue; what is the controversy? why do academics hold contradictory views? The three models of the book (liberal, mercantilist, critical perspective) can be applied to many debates. The grading criteria are the same as for the Master thesis, but taking into consideration the short format (i.e. you can’t live up to all of it). Especially the sentences marked with bold text are relevant to this exercise: 1) Formal and linguistic aspects Questions like these are taken into consideration: – What is the standard of language (English) and the general ability of the student to make clear and intelligible formulations? – Are the general argument, structure and disposition of the thesis coherent? – Are research questions clearly formulated and is there a correspondence between purpose, contents and conclusions of the thesis? – Are formal aspects of the text (references, footnotes, tables, bibliography etc.) adequately attended to? 2) Grasp of subject Questions like these are taken into consideration: – Does the student demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic, and has the student formulated a comprehensible and operative research problem? – Does the student understand the consequences of different epistemological positions and methodological choices, in relation to his/her thesis project? – Is the methodological design of the thesis adequate to solve the research problem? – Are appropriate concepts and theories discussed, evaluated and applied? – Does the student appreciate and discuss the qualities of sources and empirical material? 3) Creativity Questions like these are taken into consideration: – Does the thesis make a contribution to established knowledge? – Does the thesis exhibit original or innovative problem formulation, conclusions, arguments, applications of theory, or methodological solutions?

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