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The format of the term paper will be a brief modern literature review of a research problem in this field of medical imaging and its prospective medical applications. .. The expected length: not to exceed 20-25 double-spaced pages of the text plus illustrations and the reference list. The paper should follow the typical organisation of a literature review prepared for publication: 1) Introduction: this short section will introduce a reader to the importance of the problem and the main focus and goal of your paper 2) Main body: this should be divided into subsections. Give a separate title to each subsection and describe the topics related to each subtitle. You can divide your paper into as many subsections as needed. If you feel it is relevant, you may decide to start this section with a brief historical outline of the main milestones in the development of your topic. 3) Conclusions or concluding remarks: In this section, you should define the bottom line conclusions and may address the main future prospects of the development of your area of research. 4) Reference / cited literature and online resources list. There is no limit on the number of references. Also, as we discussed in class, the content of the term paper should focus on the modern engineering developments in the field with citations to the appropriate original sources rather than simply repeating the content of the textbooks. in addition, 1) A brief historical prospective of different modalities and methods used for the diagnostics (i.e. the history of medical imaging in this specific area and the development of instrumentation used for the diagnostics of the disease you selected). 2) Expectations and needs of physicians (i.e. want they need to see when they diagnose a specific disease and whether they use different imaging modalities for this purpose). 3) Recent trends and engineering innovations in the modern development in the area of the imaging you selected. How did the engineering design of the imaging instrumentation progress during the last decades? 4) Advantages, limitations, and disadvantages of each imaging method when physicians use them for the diagnostics of specific diseases.

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