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Preface 1) When was the book published? Who published it? 2) Who was William Lloyd Garrison? What can you find out about him? 3) When and where did Garrison and Douglass meet? 4) What was Garrison’s first impression of Douglass? 5) With whom did Garrison compare Douglass? 6) Who wrote American Slavery as It Is: testimony of a Thousand Witnesses? 7) What were Garrison’s views of religion and slavery? Give an example. 8) According to Garrison, how did people react when they were told of the cruelty of slavery? 9) Why was it necessary for Douglass to “name names”? 10) Could blacks testify in court? Why not? 11) What was Garrison’s motto? What did this mean? Letter from Wendell Phillips, Esq. 1) Who was Wendell Phillips? What can you find out about him? 2) What will happen “when lions write history”? What does this mean? 3) What were the results of the West India experiment? 4) What happened when Douglass tried to tell Phillips his real name? 5) Why was it dangerous for Douglass to give his real name? 6) What did Phillips want New England to become for the slaves? 7) What is “disunion”? Chapter 1 1) Where was Douglass born? How old was he when he wrote this book? 2) What is Douglass’s birthday? 3) Who was Douglass’s mother? Who was his father? 4) Describe the typical mother-son slave relationship in Maryland. 5) When did Douglass’s mother die? How did he react? Why? 6) What was the status of a slave child born to a slave woman and a white man? Why? 7) Why was the life of the slave who was the master’s child more difficult? 8) Why were American slaves looking increasingly different from Africans? 9) Who were Douglass’s masters? 10) Who was Mr. Plummer? 11) What was Douglass’s aunt’s name? Who was Lloyd’s Ned? Chapter II 1) What was grown on the plantation? 2) Who was Austin Woolfolk? Why would a slave be sent to him? 3) What was the allowance of slaves?

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