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NM 230Psychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

Herzing University BSN program

Self-Assessment Assignment

1. What is your overall perception of working with those who are experiencing or are diagnosed with mental illness? (thoughts, feelings, anxieties)

2. How do you think this perception could affect your ability to care for persons?

3. What do you hope to accomplish during the course of this semester to improve your understanding of psychiatric nursing and working with patients with mental illness?

· Read the article Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness


4. How would you define stigma after reading this article?

5. Discuss three concepts from the article which could be helpful in reducing stigma that you, as a nurse, could use in practice when caring for patients with mental illness.

6. This question is OPTIONAL:  Discuss any immediate or extended family mental illness (do not share names), if known, what is the diagnosis? What is your involvement with that individual?

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