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Please follow the instructions carefully and answer all of the items. All return assignments are check for plagiarism prior to releasing payment. Do not use outside sources except for the ones listed below, also a proper citation is required. Make sure you have the text “Global Health 101 (3rd Edition) by Richard Skolnik”.

International Diabetes Federation estimated the prevalence of diabetes is 19.8 million in Africa and projected 109% increase (41.4 million) by 2035. Discuss possible underlying reasons, and Global Action Plans to reduce such an alarming rise.

1. Read: Chapter 13 – Global Health 101 (3rd Edition) by Richard Skolnik

2. Read the executive summary and review the rest of the WHO report on Non-
Communicable Diseases:

3. Read Alleyne, G., et al. (2013). Embedding non-communicable diseases in the post-2015
development agenda. Lancet 381(9866): 566-574.


1. Diabetes: a major public health problem for Africa:

2. Type I Diabetes in the Developing World:

3. Dean Ornish on the World’s Killer Diet (3.5 mins, Ted Talks):

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