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Please submit a typed 6-page (maximum) write-up (double spaced, Times Roman, 12 point, 1” margins) in PDF format. To be fair to all groups, the TA will not read beyond the 6-page point. Because these are group assignments, only one person needs to submit the case assignment for all group members.

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Brannigan Foods

  1. How would you analyze the process Clark is using to determine his best “investment bets” for allocating resources?
  2. Which of the four managers’ proposals should Clark favor? Absent any resource constraints, which of the four departmental directions do you think is the most viable? Which is the second-best strategy? Which is the least viable? (In considering Mackey’s proposal to acquire a company, do the quantitative analysis on Red Dragon Foods only.)
  3. If Clark chooses a strategic direction that favors only one department, what negative effects could this have on other departments? How can Clark mitigate the damage?
  4. What effects is the change in the strengths and weaknesses of competition having on the Brannigan’s division? How does this impact the investment decision?
  5. Given the information in the case, what strategic course do you think the division should pursue?
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