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 You will be writing about this superfundsite: Ridgewood Queens, NY (site of former Wolff-Alport Chemical Company) -please use the website provided to help you with the assignment. Answer the following questions in this order in the essay: 1. What is the problem or issue that you are addressing? For example, what pollutants are found in these locations? 2. Describe the historical perspective on this problem/issue. Include the background information on how this became a problem/issue. 3. When were the problems/issues realized and what kinds of risk assessments were done in order to realize the problem/issue? Refer to Toxicology Tutor to help you better understand Risk Assessment ( 4) What are the potential toxins that may have affected a community? 5) What media (e.g. soil, air, water, etc.) did those toxins travel through?

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