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              The purpose of us doing this project is that we noticed that we are not paying much attention to the small percentage of people that do not know how to use the technology; most of them are between 50’s and above . For example, the Emirates Identity card and passport can be done online nowadays, but my parents still go to the government departments to finish them; that’s why they need someone to teach them how to use these new technologies to make their life easier.

          This project aims to create an educational online workshop for generation Jones in the UAE  to teach them on how to use the technology and gain new skills and in return they will get certificate for every course they registered in. We are not only improving the young generation, but we want also to improve the elderly in our community for our country to take a step forward in development. Each course in the online workshop will take Two months to finish and it will cost 1000 AED after the promotion because one month costs 650 AED.

            There will be a productivity loss because not all the students will be interested in learning about technology; also we all know that it is hard to deal with elderly people because get bored easily and they do not know any background about the things they will learn in the courses. The payback period for the user will be 15 days and justify the reason of them not liking the course so we can improve the service.

             The risks of doing this project will be less Number of students and we will be sure if this project will return profit. However, the risks of not doing the project will be that small percentage of people will still not be educated and the country will not develop and move forward. We can measure the success of the project through the number of students registering, the grades of the students, the number of certificates distributed for the students at the end of the courses. The alternative for this project is add new different courses like painting, sewing and gardening.


Preliminary Investigation

Problem statement

          The United Arab Emirates hopes to move forward with merging technology with governmental services to ease mundane government procedures.. The Smart Government Initiative was started by the UAE’s Prime Minister, His highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, back in 2013 (UAE officials welcome Smart Government, 2015).  Since then, all parts of the government strived to do their best to work toward that goal of a truly smart government. A government that is equipped with services that can satisfy all residents in a clever manner. As a matter of fact, most services that needed an individual to go to a government office can be done by a few clicks on a mobile application (UAE officials welcome Smart Government, 2015). Thus, the Emirates is rapidly moving to achieve a smart city.

         It is worthy to note that the Smart Government Initiative have missed one crucial point regarding a specific group of people in the Emirates. That is people over the age of 60 years old. Salwa Al Suwaidi, Director of the Family Gathering Center in Al Mamza, stated that the number of Emaratis above 60 is increasing (2050: 1 of 5 UAE citizens 60 or older, 2014). She added that the number of Emaratis over 60 “ is expected to reach 11 per cent in 2032 and 19 per cent in 2050” ibid.  The latter is not a small number, therefore our government e-services should be ones that can be used by all and not only the tech-savvy majority. Therefore, an adequate online workshops aimed for the generation Jones in the emirates is needed.






Feasibility Study

         In this section, the report will look closely at how feasible undertaking this project will be. For any project to be feasible it has to satisfy four areas of feasibility: operational, economic, technical, and schedule.  In that order, the report will discuss how each one of the previously mentioned feasibilities will be fulfilled.

         Firstly, operational feasibility concerns how will the project be of benefit for the company in the long-run. From our research into why this information system will be created, it is clear that the system corresponds well with the need of the users as well the company. Since this company is an organization made to help others, it is our sole well that this information system be created to help the elderly people, otherwise known as Generation Jones, in the UAE gain technological skills which will help them move forward.

      In addition, the immediate results from the creation of this system is an increase of workforce. For the information system would need programmers, both front and back end developers. As well as teachers who will be given the web classes, and creating the lesson plan for each skill curriculum. Apart from the latter the new system will not require training for the users. Everything included in the information system will be straightforward with a small video explaining every step for users.

     Furthermore, this specific type of information system is the best first step in regards to the company’s image and overall reputation.  The main purpose of this information system is to ease the operation of a website meant to teach Generation Jones of the Emirates how to cope with the fast installation of technology. The latter shows the organizations’ goodwell in helping the community.

        Secondly,  economic feasibility concerns how will conducting this project be possible financially. The cost of total ownership of this information system is evaluated in four categories: staff and users, hardware, software, and general expenses.  IT staff and users are two different group who are directly and indirectly should be looked over when it comes to the finances of the project. The number of IT staff needed won’t be an issue, since the information system would be built and hosted at  GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages are a service provided by GitHub that help facilitate the process of building and hosting a website without any prior knowledge or experience with front-end development. So, by using a service that helps with the development of the website a few IT staff would be employed. As for users, no training expenses will be necessary on their part or the company’s.

     Moreover,  the cost of not developing the project or postponing the project is not dire. With that begin said, the project should start now, otherwise the company could run the risk of another company, perhaps a competitor even, running the same project ahead of us. Which will render us of the possibility of being the first company to implement a web-based education system for Generation Jones of the Emirates.

     To demonstrate,  the total cost of ownership when it comes to this particular project can be shown below in Fig (1):

Fig (1)



            In addition, the benefits of conducting this project are immerse. The latter as well as the cost factor which are relevant to the benefits are shown in the table below:



Increase of number of Generation Jones Internet users in the Emirates.

Computer Hardware and Software expenses to run the information system.

Increase usage of Information System by other training centers for the elderly. Ex. Zayed University’s Winter Break Camp for Mothers.

Cost of regularly maintenance to maintain a running system.

Increase of number of Generation Jones Internet users in the Emirates because our system will give good reputation for our project. Hence, more people will start using it.

Cost of staff for the project such as teachers for courses, front-end developers, cyber security professionals, IT helpdesk, etc.


          Thirdly, technical feasibility concerns how will conducting this project will be feasible in regards to technical support, hardware , and software. Since this is a small project, for now, the necessary computer hardware and software is relatively easy to acquire and maintain for an estimated six months. By using GitHub pages this process is made very easy, for the reason that GitHub pages takes care of managing the database for the project. The latter statement does not negate the need for IT staff. As previously stated, since the project is starting small the number of employees will be 250, unless otherwise stated.

         Additionally, the proposed project will contain sufficient capacity for future needs. Since the website will be powered by GitHub and the project’s IT staff will take care of the creating and handling of the information system, for at least the next three years the needs will be fulfilled. Also, due to the nature of the information system and the accompanying website there will be no prototype.

         Fourthly, schedule feasibility concerns the implementation of the project on an acceptable time frame for the company and the stakeholders. Since this project is small, yet has a profound value to the company, it makes it easier to control the factor that governs schedule feasibility. As the management has finished establishing a time table for the project spanning for six months, and starting from November of this year till April of next year. According to the plan, the official launch of the website and total completion of the information systems should be in early April.

             Furthermore, in order for the project to be successful, it should follow the following criteria during the development process:
           The project manager and their team should follow the timeframe of the project.
           Any changes to the project charter must be approved by the board of the company.
           Confidential information should not be leaked by any member of the company, whether they are in the project or not to avoid any trouble.
        Moreover, to ensure that the project is on-time and checks all the criteria a project manager will be appointed.  The sole responsibility of said project manager is to employ the latest of project management techniques and tools to guarantee the total success of the project.  Firstly, the project manager would have to create a project charter that all stakeholders agree on and make the project official. Afterwards, the project manager will take full responsibility to ensure that their team is working on the project and sticking to the agreed upon plan.



      In conclusion, the project meets all feasibility requirements and  therefore should be considered to be implemented.  As the company is working on several other projects I can see why the hesitation in choosing this one might lie on, since this is a small project after all with modest profit. However, any company needs to show their corporate social responsibility in any means possible, and precisely in that is why this project should be chosen.  The United Arab Emirates started small and individuals chose rough jobs to get by in 1950’s and 1960’s, and in that process most of them did not get a proper education. So,  it is understandable why the generation Jones of the Emirates find it hard to assimilate to our interconnected world of the Internet and its applications. For that exactly, we should be offering a helping hand to those who helped build our nation to what it is today.




Current Business Process Map


  In the graph below, the user shows interest of taking up new courses. They walk to the administrator who registers them in the system. They will select the courses that they are interested in and proceed to make payment. The administrator calls the students to confirm their details and update them in the system. The instructors and administrators add courses, remove courses and edit courses. When the student has completed the course, they will be provisioned by a completion certificate. Once the agent has decided not to clear the unit, they will ask for refund of their payment. This will be processed by the finance department.

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