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its a body paragraph of a report about Qatar national vision. my part is about the economic part and role of Qatar in the gcc and what happened to the common projects between the 6 members of the gcc I’ll include what I found and know I have to relate this to after the blockade there was a lack of communication between the members and projects has been post bond how its related to Qatars national vision 2030 Another challenge can be an unpredicted future Qatar will continue to do these projects however a cooperation from the other countries is needed And now to relate ., According to the national vision Qatar is aiming to become an example to all countries in the region and globally to do so it is working with other countries to establish easier movements and more job opportunities not just go its own people but for other people in the region Okay that’s fine as long as Qatar approved of doing it after the blockade and despite the blockade countries Qatar is looking for the benefit of its people in no more than 550-600 words i’de recommend that the topic sentence be about the relation between QNV2030 this is the Thesis of our report but im only having a subheading and not the full one. Thesis: Despite the blockade, Qatar’s social development and its role in these three organisations continues to rise as it My subheading: Vows to continue negotiating with blockade countries through the GCC

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