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For this assignment, prepare comprehensive marriage and family therapy evidence based practice (EBP) treatment plan for a hypothetical Presenting Problem (PP) scenario. This is how you should proceed:
1. Begin with a hypothetical clinical scenario (a member of a client family [couple or family] calls seeking therapy for [formulate a possible presenting problem], flesh out a possible brief history of the problem, and then create a succinct summary of what you learned from the clients in the first session).
2. Use the guidelines you have written for Assignment 9.1 to apply the EBP approach to this presenting problem.

3. Specifically, you will:

a. Convert the issue into an answerable question. Write the question and indicate what type of clinical question it is (a who, what, where, when or why question). Explain why.
b. Practice locating research articles that address the issue. Describe what resources and databases you might use to locate various types of articles for the issue. If you use the library resources to find relevant articles, see if you are able to find the same article using resources outside the university library. Were you able to access the article without using the library? Would you have had to pay for the article if you no longer had access to a university library?
c. Select one research study that you found related to the clinical issue and complete an evaluation of it using the guidelines you included in your EBP resource guide from last week. Describe what you found to assess the quality of this article using your strategies for evaluating research.
d. Explain, in detail, how you would apply the research findings to your work with your hypothetical clients in your hypothetical clinical context (assuming the study is of quality). Then, clarify all relevant diversity/contextual relation variables associated with this situation and indicate how they may impact the utility of the evidence you found (e.g., if the study used a European or an American sample, will it apply to your Latina client?).
e. Identify the specific measures, tools, and procedures you would use to assess the effectiveness of your EBP interventions with these clients.

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