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  • The concept of the “Era of Good Feelings” was used to describe the state of the nation after the War of 1812. What does this mean? Why the phrase was used, and was the phrase is justified? If yes, what were the advantages. If no, explain and were the any consequences (or benefits) to “hiding” the actual state of the nation. Give specific examples, being sure to support your answer with facts (including citations—of course).
  • *** approximately 300-500 words in length. Students must respond in a thoughtful and in-depth way.  Must use Scholarly sources
  • ***Please use provided sources and insert citations***
  • ***Class textbook for Bos Mas 1&2:  Shi, D. America, The Essential Learning Edition with Access Code. 2nd edition. 2018 W. W. Norton & Co. 
  • ***
  • ***
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