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  • 1) Give 2 to 3 examples of ways you can ensure a client’s privacy.
  • 2) Should companies have the right to issue random drug tests to their employees? Why or why not?
  • 3) You have been awarded grant money to start your own drug treatment facility. Would your facility be an inpatient or outpatient unit? What programs could your clients expect at your facility? Where would your facility be located, geographically? Describe your personnel and daily activities.
  • 4) After a week in your program, one of your clients, who happens to be 19, says he/she has been in the program long enough and can manage things on his/her own, now. However, you are well-aware that the drug problems stem from the home environment and friends. What advice would you offer to this individual, if any?
  • 5) After quitting a drug, is it okay for a client to continue using the substance in certain instances? Why or why not?
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