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In the past decade, the importance of electronic systems to our daily work, the establishment of quality performance measures, and the effects of corporate culture on the workforce have become integral considerations for all organizations that seek to improve their performance.

Based on your assignments throughout the course (all attached), prepare a performance improvement plan for the public health organization of your choice. Include the following points:

  • Provide details about using informatics, technology, and performance data to drive continuous improvement and rapid replication of best practices.
  • Describe applicable performance measures for monitoring progress toward meeting targets, goals, and objectives, as well as strategies for implementing performance measures.
  • Analyze the organization’s culture as well as its capacity and readiness for the performance improvement process.
  • Explain the best practices you recommend replicating, citing your sources of information.

Ensure you include a title page, abstract, introduction section, main discussion, and conclusion.

Your final product should be an 8–12-page paper in Word format, utilizing a minimum of 8 scholarly sources. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention

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