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Race and Sport Assignment

Please watch the following two videos to help you with this assignment.

“There is nothing wrong with speculation, of course, as long as its premises are made clear. And speculation is the customary way to begin the exploration of uncharted territory because it stimulates a search for the evidence that will support or refute it.” Nicholas Wade(2014). A troublesome Inheritance Genes, race and human history.

This assignment will require you evaluate the relationship between race and sport. In particular, whether black people are better athletes than white people. Your first step is to examine the attached 12 minute video and the 36 minute video. The 12 minute video is brief summary of the more extended video. The 36 minute video is a discussion of the extended video. Unfortunately, the extended video is not available for use but there is sufficient information in the two available videos such that you can can understand the issues.

Your best bet is to start your paper with a summary of the contents of the videos. Then find two or more sources that are relevant to the topic and incorporate this information into your paper. You may use the below source by David Epstein as one of your sources. Finally, based on the content of what you have stated you will need to answer the question as to whether black athletes are superior to white athletes. Although there is no definitive answer to this question (see the above quote by Wade) you need to take a position and provide a reasoned argument for your answer.

The length of your paper should be 2 to 4 pages. Make sure you cite and provide the reference for each one of your sources and carefully edit for content and writing style before submitting (sloppy papers are inexcusable). This assignment is worth 40 points. Click on the link title below to submit your assignment.

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