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 In the introduction to “White on Black” Jan Nederveen Pieterse explains that the title of his book points to a relationship, and that the “order of the terms identifies the dominant partner, the producer and consumer of the images in question.” (10). In a well-organized essay of approximately 1000 words elaborate on the reasons for this “order of terms” and the interests that has served whites in the representations of blacks in European and American history as we discussed in class. Provide specific examples. Embed all references in your text in parenthesis. Example: (Neverdeen, 19); (PPT + shortened title) (title of documentary film). Your paper needs to be double-spaced, Calibri 12”. Your name, course no and title and instructor’s name in the upper left corner, single spaced. Submit a hard copy, double-sided, stapled in upper left corner.

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