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Read completely the instructions given below on HOW and WHERE to write your paper.


The paper you are about to write should be in response and reaction to the article on “Alcohol” which is found in eCampus under this course and in the menu button which reads “ALCOHOL ARTICLE”. The paper is to be a minimum of 250 words.

The best and easiest way to write the paper is to read the article on “Alcohol” first and then answer each of the sixteen (16) questions. Answer the questions as well as you can based on your understanding, interpretation, and assessment of the article on “Alcohol.” There are no right answers.

Each question has been given an alphanumeric code (for example: “CT-1”). After you read a question answer that question by placing question’s alphanumeric code at the beginning of your answer/response. Therefore, you would write your paper answering each of the sixteen (16) questions in order and in the following format similar to the following example.


(CT-1) I believe what the article on Alcohol said addresses various pieces of information about . . . .

(CT-2) In my opinion I believe the authors of the article were saying . . . . , etc.


The paper is to be written in and submitted in eCampus so, log in to eCampus

In the “My Courses” box find the listing of your course and section number in Psychology 2301 and click on it

On the left side find the course menu and the button which says: STUDENT PAPER and click on it

See the link which reads “WRITE STUDENT PAPER HERE” and click on it

Find the area designated “2. Assignment Submission”

Find where it says “Write Submission” and click on the “Write Submission” box

A text box will appear immediately below. Place your cursor in that box and click.

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