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Reasonable Accomodation
Please complete the following and provide recommendation for an individual suffering from adult acute asthma. The assumptions being made in this case study is for an adult woman with acute asthma and acute allergic rhinitis seeking a reasonable accommodation to work from home several days a week.
Describe which activities (both on and off the job) the medical condition limits and the extend to which the condition limits the ability to perform these activities.
Considering your medical condition/impairment, make a clinical assessment of the injury, hazard, risk, or other consequence to your patient or others that would arise if s/he were to work without the requested accommodation or work change.
If a work change or accommodation is needed please specify what change or accommodation is needed and substantiate why? (ie how will this accommodation or work change all your patient to fulfill work requirements safely without harm to himself or other?
Please estimate the duration (or frequency this work place accommodation will be needed? If the work change will be for a limited time, when and how will you reassess patient?
If the work change or accommodation you specify is obtained by your patient, what (if any) other medical limitation would preclude your patient from being able to perform the attached work requirements?

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