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Reflection Assignment Details in General
Reflections should be between 650 and 800 words, and submitted via a Word document. Reflections should gives a brief description of the speaker or readings, the relation to the course material and themes, and contain your original ideas, thoughts, comments as these relate to the class. (For speakers, a reflection does not contain information on their presentation style or any personal feelings towards them).
Times New Roman, 12 font, NO PLAGIARISM from any sites. It should be your own thoughts and follow the reflection rubric.
Please note that this Reflection Assignment has specific content with unique grading rubric:
Thinking back to the Bioethics lecture Dr. Wolpe presented, choose two (2) research ethics he discussed. Compare and contrast your chosen research ethics on historical context, concepts, and how you may have observed its remnants or historical effects in the current health care system (5 points). Within the context of those same chosen research ethics, consider how they may relate (or differ) to how disease is a socially determined category (3 points). What are your thoughts/reflections on this relationship? (2 points).

Please note: this is a reflection of your thoughts and ideas. There is no right or wrong answer. Refering back to your notes from Dr. Wolpe’s lecture should propel you quite well. If necessary, you may integrate other sources/publications to assist your response. Lastly, please respect the word count, 650 – 800 words.

(For the Bioethics lecture by Dr. Paul Wolpe, I uploaded my notes that you can use for this assignment and try to get a general idea from online about him, make sure you don’t copy anything from internet just put it in your own words.Make sure to clearly answer the points question by elaborating to answer what is asking.) No plagiarism just put it in your own words. Have uploaded my notes.

Follow the specific content of the essay above and the grading rubric below.
Follow citation format—–
When completing your reflections (or any written assignments), please be sure to cite your sources! I will accept either MLA or APA format. If you have any uncertainties in either format, make sure to use Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab), which is a great online resource (
Each reflection will be worth 10 points. Grading for the reflections will be based on:
• 2 points for a clear description of a primary point made by the speaker or author that you choose to address and accuracy of the description.
• 2 points for articulating why you chose this.
• 2 points for making an original contribution to develop this point in the context of the class.
• 2 points for your personal reflection on the information from the presentation and reading. This could be accomplished by referencing personal experiences or positioning the material in the context of current US or global events, among other possibilities. This is where you can give opinion, but keep in mind that your opinions must be justified by more than just “I thought it was interesting that”-type statements.
• 2 points for thoughtfulness and nuance. An extraordinary reflection will accomplish the above stated criteria while also offering insight and demonstrating a clear understanding of not only the course material but also in-depth engagement with the larger course goals and themes.

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