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Consider a clinical situation where you have had to question your scope of practice, and using The 5 R’s of reflection (Bain, Mills, Ballantyne& Packer, 2010) reflect on how you are developing in readiness for professional practice. For this assessment it is appropriate to use first person ‘I’ to describe how you responded to the situation and what you learned from it and ways that you can improve. In the rare occurrence that you have not had to question your scope of practice please reflect on Attribute 2.5 and describe how you would incorporate this competency attribute into your own practice as a nursing student.

Some examples for you to consider, how would you respond if you were asked to:

?go to the medication room and collect paracetamol tablets for the patient you are looking after
?work with the AIN and delegate nursing tasks
?check blood products with one registered nurse
?silence the IV pump alarm

There will be others that you could discuss from your own experiences. Remember this is your own reflection and you are to use references to justify the way that you will make improvements on your practice.

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