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Reflective diary
(((Length: 1500 words))) No less/more
Write a short reflective piece in response to each of the 10 policy conversations
with our guest speakers, identifying and discussing at least one point from the policy
conversation that has helped you to better understand the policy process. In so doing,
you should either explain this in relation to material covered in the *textbook, or
to our study of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and Children
Policy conversations topics:
1. Intimate partner violence.
2. Power/ incrementalism.
3. Self-regulation.
4. Election commitments.
5. Role of governments in forming policies.
6. Non-governmental groups influencing policies (ex; media).
7. Implementation gap “unsolved problems”.
8. Globalizing health policy (ex; smoking or sex trade).
9. Impact of research on policy (ex; in the healthcare field).
10. Policy analysis and gathering data from people (ex; social media).
Your reflective diary will be assessed against the specific requirements as follows:
? Demonstrated relevance – the detail discussed has been expressed in such a
way that it is clear that it has been drawn from the relevant ‘Policy
Conversation’ and it is appropriately related to course material (text, readings or
assignment tasks).
? Demonstrated reflection – level of deep/critical thinking demonstrated
? Completeness – No. of entries demonstrating the required level of reflection

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