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 I need to write a Reflective Essay to discuss the issues that I have faced in my Data Management Plan and the reasoning behind the decisions I have taken. And reasons should reflect the principles of curation and data management, current scholarly literature and relevant specialist organisations such as ANDS, DCC and DataOne (or Universities). The essay needs to demonstrate what I have learnt about data management plans, the use of such plans in specific contexts (such as the case study I have used to created DMP) and the role of various frameworks and specialist organisations. The essay should • provide an overview of DMP • explain the need for such plans • examine the situations in which DMP are applicable • identify the types of issues that need to be considered when preparing a plan • discuss how and why intellectual property, ethical and legal issues are addressed in plans • explain the assignment of metadata and issues relating to long-term preservation and access. • critically analyse the process your group used to development your DMP and your contribution to this plan

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