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Select a destination in the Pacific Asia region as defined in Topic 1. The scale of the destination could be at the nation level, e.g. Vietnam or Fiji or it could be a smaller destination such as a single island such as Bali or city such as Hong Kong. Research and critically analyse tourism development in this destination and report on the following:
·briefly describe the physical and human geography
·critically analyse the pattern of tourism flows to present day
·identify three to four (3–4) factors that have influenced tourism development on this destination – these could include issues such as available infrastructure; appealing natural attractions; political stability; health & safety; natural disasters, poverty, etc.
Finally, discuss two implications for the future of tourism at this destination – these could include challenges such as climate change and rising sea levels, continued political unrest, issue of peak oil and/or positive factors such as sustainable tourism practices or opening of new tourism markets.

General instructions
Given the short word length for this assignment, you will need to write clearly and concisely. You are encouraged to use figures, tables, maps and other visual devices to communicate your points and argument. These can provide a lot of useful information without using up your precious work limit. Note that the reference list will not be included in the total 1000-word limit, so feel free to reference heavily.

Use a clear report format with the following structure:
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Findings – using clear headings and sub-headings where appropriate. For example, the headings could be:
2.1 Physical and human geography
2.2 Patterns of tourism
2.3 Factors that have influenced tourism
2.3.1 (factor 1)
2.3.2 (factor 2)
2.3.3 (factor 3)
2.4 Implications for the future of tourism
2.4.1 (implication 1)
2.4.2 (implication 2)
3. Conclusion
4. Reference List – typed in Arial/Times New Roman, size 11–12 font with 1.5 cm spacing, 3 cm margins and pages numbered.

Marking criteria
Your report will be graded according to the following criteria:
·overview of human and physical geography
·critical analysis of patterns of tourism flows, both past and present
·critical analysis of 3–4 factors that have influenced tourism development
·brief discussion of two (2) implications for the future of tourism
·evidence of engagement with a broad range of relevant academic literature
·clear, concise expression and logical development of ideas
·formal report structure with clear headings and sub-headings
·innovative use of visual devices (e.g. maps, figures, and tables)
·consistent in-text referencing (Harvard)
·reference list (Harvard) on a separate page.

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