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The following scenario was used to gather information about patient satisfaction, explain which method or instrument to collect data. Describe the sample size appropriate for the population how
you would select participants. Provide a rationale for your choice and how you can ensure the high standard of reliability and validity.

Nurses and other health care professionals are often interested in assessing patient satisfaction with health care services. Imagine that you are a nurse working in a suburban primary care setting
that serves 10,000 patients annually. Your organization is very interested in understanding the patient’s point of view to help determine areas of care that can be improved. With this focus in
mind, consider how you would create a survey to assess patient satisfaction with the services your organization provides. You may wish to consider variables such as the ease of accessing care,
patient wait time, friendliness of the staff, or the likelihood that a patient would recommend your organization to others.
Examine the two responses below with the above information in mind and write a response to the two student below. Use one credible references for each response.
¥ Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, and evidence.
¥ Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.
¥ Validate an idea with your own experience and additional sources.
Data Collection

A nurse paramount interest is ensuring that the patient is in good health. The nurses do this by greatly caring for the patient however the patients may have different opinions about the services
they receive. Therefore, there is a need to frequently carry out a survey on their viewpoint of the services they acquire for improvement of services offer.
The primary care provides services to about ten thousand patients annually hence a need to know the areas, which patients need to be addressed.

Research questions

In the research, surveys are designed to provide answers for researchers on problem situations. However, the researcher may need to establish a baseline on a particular aspect or measure progress.
A clear understanding of the purpose will guide the questionnaire. I used various collection methods a random sampling technique, open-ended questions sent to select respondents by mail after their
visit assists in identifying the sectors that require improvement in the suburban primary health care. The methods include the use of a questionnaire among the patients as well as interviews. I
will also visit various departments and look at the kind of services offered in the different departments (Bohl et al., 2014). The following questions will be used among the patients at the health
care clinic:

1. During your most recent visit, how, respectful and courteous was the front office staff and health care providers to your needs?
2. How long did you wait to be seen by a provider?
3. During your recent visit, how well did your provider explain information in a way you understood?
4. During your last visit were all your concerns answered by your health care provider?
5. What are some ways we can improve our services?

Reason for the choices

One of the reasons for using the random sampling is that the survey will take less time by using a small group of people than a large group. Therefore, I will get enough time for the study. Another
benefit of the random sampling is that there are no biases. When selecting the individuals using the random sampling, he reduces the biases since one selects all types of people (Campbell &
Stanley, 2015). I will gather reliable and valid information by using the random sampling as well as random experimental method. It is because the random experimental approach helps one to reduce
the threats to validity such as the selection biases, history as well as ambiguous information on the precedence of certain conditions (Xiang & Zhong, 2017).

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