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You should also read the article called Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us. I read this article for my american healthcare class and we were supposed to write question from these articles. What I want you to do is, write a research paper about these question. It can be informal so you can use I or anything and you can put links and so on. The assignment is based on how much research that I have done, how much effort did I put into this and how much I learned from this research, so it should be pretty depth.

1. Why do patients have to wait longer than usual even though they are in an emergency room? (Not too many staff, or paper work systems takes too long?)
2. Does nonprofit hospital make more money than government hospitals?
3. Why does the US healthcare system cost too much? (Excessive costs or unreasonable charges?)
4. Even though the annual healthcare spending per person in US is the highest comparing to other countries, why does US have the lowest life expectancy? (US almost have the best technology for medical care- still this does not change the life expectancy?)
5. Is there a deadline for a hospital bill to be paid?
6. Does insurance always cover the bill of prescription drugs? If not, why are they expensive?
7. Does US know about people getting bankrupt because of hospital bills are so high? If yes, why is the US not taking an action?

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