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Research Paper Instructions

You will submit an 8-10 text page, double-spaced paper in correct Turabian format that addresses 1 of the following topics:

a.  The role of cultural anthropology in cross-cultural missions,

b.  The dangers of ethnocentrism in Gospel communication,

c.  The role of the globalization of cultures in Gospel communication, or

d.  A biblical responseto socio-cultural structures of inequality.

You must cite at least 4 outside academicand relevant sources and at least 4 sources from the textbooks and Bible throughout your paper, and cited in footnote format. Weave the information from your research neatly into the arguments of your paper tosupport your thesis. You are welcome to use more sources or more citations in your paper, but be sure that you are selecting relevant material. Your paper must include a title page, a contents page, and a Turabian Bibliography.

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