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The paper should be about a specific disease or a certain aspect of a disease topic.
The topic should be sufficiently complex as to require in-depth research
The paper MUST include at least three references. These should be EXACT URLs such that the instructor can click on the link and be taken to exactly where you found your information. Home pages should not be used as links.
References should be recognized authorities in the healthcare field. Examples would include Web pages of medical centers, such as Mayo Clinic, the CDC, WHO, etc. Do not use Wikipedia or blogs.
The paper should be NO FEWER THAN five pages but NO MORE THAN seven pages (excluding title page and Works Cited page), typed and double-spaced with font size 12.
All sources of information must be properly cited, both in the body of the paper, and by inclusion in the list of works cited at the end. Your reference information should ideally be no more than THREE years old.
You must get your topic approved and submit a page of outline before you actually write the paper.
The paper will be graded on both content and composition.

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