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Research Review Paper:  MINIMUM  1500 Words

Research Review Paper

You are to select one of the videos listed below.  Watch the entire video.   Please provide a summary and  then at least 10 references for your review. (References need to be 2011 or newer)   Please research  the issue and relate your reading to the “content” provided in the video.   You must comment on at least  5 specific issues or quotes from the video you selected to review.    You must provide a Word Count of your document at the beginning of the document. To view some of the videos you will need the Library password:

Username:  VSLRDRODP     (type as UPPERCASE)

Password:   2018SpringLibrary  (type as shown: UPPERCASE and lowercase)

The review should include:

  1. Summary of the video presentation,
  2. Personal response regarding the content of the video
  3. At least 10 bibliographic references which indicate that you have investigated the issue.

You should reference the article using APA format.  APA FORMATTING INSTRUCTIONS You are to use the  LIBRARY LINK Research Article Search to conduct your investigation.    While the referencing format of  the paper is APA,  your writing style should be considered informal.


  • Remember to include the word count at the beginning of your document!!!
  • You are to write in first person.  You may choose to use personal reflections, observations or viewpoints to discuss the subject matter.
  • You must evidence that you have considered at least 10 additional references for your response.   ( This website is not to be considered a reference)
  • You are to provide a critical review of the topics and offer suggestion or conclusions
  • It is acceptable to summarize as opposed to providing a direct quote.  This is your PERCEPTION of the content presented.
  • I want you to know it is OKAY for you to have own thought(s).
  • Bibliography page should be included at the end of the article.   ( Bibliography is not included in the WORD COUNT)
  • You are to provide a serious and critical review of the issue selected.   Select an issue that is of interest to you.
  • Remember you should not immediately believe everything you view or read.

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