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This is case study on child abuse (read more about it below). You must use the files provided in order to write the essay. Use the file case study example as a guide.
Include multicultural issues that are related to the topic to help provide greater insight.
Research the prevalence of this issue (down below) and any other aspect related to this issue that you feel would help you as a Social Worker or a psychologist dealing with such a population.
Use a minimum of 4 resources/references to support your report. You must use the files names text as one reference and at least one other text or journal that is NOT digital or found online. The other two resources may be from the internet or digital. This case study must be written similar to Handle With Care attached to this order. This is a report-like paper and any references, tables, figures, and graphs may be attached to the appendices (reference page) section of your report. Important aspects:
Using 4 sources (1 Text, 2 non-digital and 1 or two digital)
Proper APA citation
Written similar to handle with careThe issue:
When X was a young girl she used be emotionally abused by her mother. Her mother would put her down for smallest things, scream at her in front of her friends, make fun of her and so on. The mother always put her down when X wanted to eat food because she didnt want X to be fat. As a result when X grew up to be a teenager she developed several eating disorders including Anorexia and Bulimia. Now she cannot eat in front of people, has and always had problems with food and although she looks healthy and doesnt have an eating disorder now, shes still self-conscious about the way she looks. You can take this story and edit it however you wish. Also, For the file Text you can use as much or little of it as you please. But I do want you to apply Freud, Erikson as well as psychological development (classic conditioning, reinforcement, cognitive or anything that may fit as long as its within the text) to your paper.

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