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You are doing a short research paper. Therefore, you need come up with

research questions or thesis.

You should have one or two research questions or more depending on your interest. If you only have one research question for your whole paper and that question is “what is outsourcing”, for example, you basically just look for a definition or a textbook explanation. This will NOT be a good research paper. This is NOT a high school paper.

Do not to use spoken language in academic writing. Write from 3rd person perspective

Do not use contraction in a formal writing

Why daycare cost is so high in the US?

Applied Topics: Demand and Supply analysis, Social Welfare, Income inequality

Research Question: 1. Is demand for daycare higher than supply? Why?

2. Why childcare is expensive?

3. Should government subsidy childcare cost?

(Hint: Use demand and supply framework to analyze why price is high)

A paper that only provides definition, textbook explanation, or news/facts reporting will NOT earn good scores. You are not writing a dictionary or a textbook or a newspaper. You are writing an economics research paper.

The objective of the paper is to summarize, analyze, critique, support (or question) the articles, and relate the articles to your research questions. The paper must show an analysis of a real world situation using economics concepts, framework, and theories to suggest such as what the problems are, why there are the problems, how to fix the problems, what the pros and cons of each solution are, and how it will affect each group of people.

    • Remember: Your assignment is to write a research paper, NOT a dictionary or a section of a textbook or a newspaper article or a Wikipedia. Use economics theories and concepts to analyze real world economic problems.
    • paper must have 1000-1200 words. excluding title, quotes, and references.
    • Submit in Doc, Docx, or RTF format only. Any other format will not be graded.
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