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Respond to the following questions in complete paragraphs:

1. Identify seven characteristics attributed to those with learning disabilities, and explain why it is difficult to characterize this group

2. Identify five types of interventions or supports used with people who have learning disabilities, including two that use assistive technology.

3. Compare learning disabilities in childhood and adolescence by listing four challenges that individuals experience as they move into secondary school and beyond.

4. Identify six essential features of the federal definition for emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD)

5.Identify five general characteristics of children and youth with EBD.

6.Cite three reasons why classification systems are important to professionals who identify, treat, and educate individuals with EBD.

7. Definitions:

a. mirror writing


c. short attention spam

d. selective attention


f.figure-ground discrimination

g. visual discrimination

h.auditory processing disorder

i.criterion-referenced assessment

j. norm-referenced assessment


l. Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

m. Response to Intervention (RTI)

n. Wraparound Approach (WRAP)

o. Cognitive-behavior Therapy

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