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Description Use what you’ve learned in class to create a Wellness Plan that applies to a larger community—a group or system or community at the local or national level or beyond. For the first response, you wrote about your own activity, but now you are to focus on a group or larger community. Be creative in your ideas and use the Wellness Chart to brainstorm for your paper. Support your thesis with 3-5 additional resources from RefBin and/or your own research. Explain clearly how your ideas connect to the research. • Response must be a minimum of 4-5 pages long • Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font. • Response must have 3-5 additional resource citation representative of the student’s own research. • Additional resources can be found on Refbin, but you are not required to use Refbin. • Please use APA format for in-text citations and reference page. • Please refer to the APA Style Guide folder on Blackboard for help with citations. • Explain why you selected the group or community that you chose. • Choose at least three domains from the Wellness Chart to brainstorm about what your target community is currently doing, what your priority for that community to change is in each of your chosen domains, and what your goals are for the future. Include each of the 3 domains in your written response. • The Wellness Plan Chart should not be submitted as part of your response but can be used as a guide for organizing your thoughts.

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