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Revisit and research the medication you signed up for. Briefly review its desired effects and side effects (see drop down menu on the right-hand side of the page). Use the pill identifier drop down menu to view the medication taking note of the color, shape, etc.

Then, use the web and current (past five years) popular and professional literature, to investigate up-to-date research and thinking regarding the efficacy and use of the ADHD medication within the special population you chose. For information on the effectiveness of your chosen medication and existing study review, consult the Cochrane Review (certain medications or uses may be not available). Write a brief summary of your findings, addressing the points below.

  1. Briefly describe the nature of the sites you visited, the sources you reviewed and how they contributed to your learning?
  2. What does the information gathered say regarding the effectiveness and use of this class of medication or this specific medication for use with this population and problem/symptom?
  3. What controversial issues surround this medication with this population, and are there special
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