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Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management

a)  Examine the role visitors play in mitigating risks to their health, safety
and security
b)  Compose and conduct risk assessments using best practise theory in risk assessment, design, implement and critically evaluate the risk
assessment process
c)  Determine and justify the need and priority for risk treatment
d)  Critically evaluate the health and safety risks facing the tourism and hospitality industries

You have just been hired as General Manager at recently restored historical hotel located in The Rocks.  The hotel has been providing very cheap, temporary accommodation since the early part of the last century.

The hotel is located in the heart of Sydney but in a very dimly lit area where there has been a number of assaults and robberies.  Last week, the rumour amongst the staff, was that one of the guests was badly assaulted and went to hospital.

Also your guests have been allowed any number of visitors to their room without having to go through  reception.    Your  mandate  is to update  the  service  and  operations  to  suit  tourists needs for 2013 and beyond.

In your first week on the job, you conduct a review of the premises, noting that the lift is old
and  is  constantly  out  of  order.    The  staff report  to  you  that  over  the  last  month  the  lift  has
broken down at least 5 times, once there was an elderly guest in the lift and they suffered a

You also ask to see the written occupational health and safety plan.  Hotel staff indicate there
is no written plan, but they conduct a fire drill every summer for practice.

In aIDition you have also discovered the Health Safety Representatives have not completed
HSR training  and  the  Health  Safety Committee  is  mainly  made  of  full  time  staff  from  the
administration  area.  The  committee  has  not  met for  over  three months and  the  minutes of
the  last  meeting  show  the  main  topic  for  discussion  was  the  staff  Christmas  party
arrangements.  Only two members of the committee have completed their committee training
as the HR Manager said it was too expensive.  When staff are injured they usually go to their
local doctor as the first aid at TCR is not reliable – with kits not properly stocked and no effort
made to roster qualified first aiders to each shift.

The Human Resource department has been so busy recruiting to replace the staff who keep
leaving – they  have fallen  behind  in  conducting  induction  training.   New  staff  are  handed  a
staff hand book only.  Staff are complaining of tiredness – and appear to be frustrated.

When  conducting  an  audit  you  also  discovered  that  there  are no  procedures  at  all  for  risk
management.  After reviewing the current sick reports for staff, you have discovered that an
unusual  number  of  housekeeping  staff  have  been  absent  from  work over  the  last  month.
Upon  investigation  you  have  found  that  the  housekeeping  department, which  has  120  staff
who are mostly casuals with a majority from Non English speaking backgrounds, have been
using  a  new  cleaning  substance  for  the  last  six  weeks  that  works  well  for  glass  shower
screens.  This has made the job easier for staff and has saved a great deal of time.  Injuries
and illnesses the staff have suffered include:
?  Breathing difficulties when overcome by fumes for 8 staff
?  Contact burns to hands for 4 staff
?  Burns to the eyes for 2 staff.

After  talking  to  the  staff  you  have  discovered  not  all  incidents  with  these  chemicals  have
been reported.  Even a guest has been overcome by fumes.
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When  you  have  been  conducting  your  investigation  you  have  not  been  able  to  find  any
information about the chemical.  The bottles staff are using are not labelled and the supplier
has supplied no information about the safe use of the chemical.

Further the hotel also has an events/function area that can be hired by people not staying at the hotel.  It is meant to hold up to 100 people in the dining area.  You notice however that there is a booking next week for 150 guests and for 16 birthday party, with fireworks and a band.  It is unclear as to the training your staff have been provided with regarding the service
of food and alcohol.

Report requirements:

Your report needs to:

1.   Identify the breaches in WHS legislation, with specific reference to the legislation that applies in the case study i.e. NSW legislation
2.  Identify the hazards within the workplace
3.  Assess the risks associated with the hazards and determine the priority for risk treatment
4.  Identify appropriate management level controls to aIDress non-compliance with legislation
5.  Identify the risk controls applying the hierarchy of controls for the identified hazards
6.  Conduct a cost benefit analysis that clearly states the costs and benefits associated with the non-compliance, hazards and recommended controls.
7.  Describe the consequences of not improving compliance and managing the workplace hazards.

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