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Effect of Robotic Fabrication and Construction on the Environment The increasing society’s concern for sustainability continues to induce rise of digital technologies to offset the ineptitude and minimize environmental effects in product manufacturing. the expansion of these new technologies and their innovative applications in to large scale processes have an effect on the environment. The impact of robotics fabrication and construction like 3D printing both in factories and on-site have environmental impacts, which must be addressed to better handle them properly. The challenge that digital fabrication and construction for robotics is the efficiency; it includes the usage of the materials, the energy demands, emissions of the green house gases, durability and waster products over the entire course of operation. The goal of this paper is to investigate the effects of the long-term usage of these robotics fabrication and construction. These new technologies arose as a means to reduce the pollution of the environment by the old methods and products, however, their continual use and further expansion seems to threat the environment as well. Their growth of their essentiality in the modern product manufacturing world comes at a cost. The biggest threat is their expansion, everything they do also becomes large scale. With this being the case, environment faces pollution threats like emission and dumping of Green House Gasses. By completing this study, the environmental impacts and opportunities within the digital construction paradigm will be properly understood, thereby, increasing the chances of conserving the environment much more effectively. Since most manufacturing require robotics, it is virtually impossible to alleviate their environmental impacts as either pollutants or depleting the natural resources. Comprehending the realm of robotic fabrication and construction will aid in improving its impact on the environment. Key words: robotic fabrication, green house gases, 3D printing, environmental pollution to make it easier to write this paper, please focus on one venue of the environment(the choice is yours). writing about it in general will make it all over the place. Preferred language style US English

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