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Three weeks ago, you were hired by ABC trucking company as their new Safety Manager. You manage 2 locations and have 58 drivers. They hired you because they needed immediate help. One of the drivers was involved in a serious accident. You learn that the driver was traveling on the highway when he lost control of the truck causing it to hit one vehicle and rollover. It was rainy at the time of the accident and the truck lost a few gallons of fuel. As a result, the driver was cited for speeding, not carrying a driver’s license and medical card, and it was noted a few of the tires had very low tread and air pressure (this was a factor in the cause of the crash). At the time of the incident the driver of the other vehicle was rushed to the hospital. This accident caused the companies CSA numbers to exceed the CSA threshold which could potentially prompt an audit. Over the course of the last few weeks you have learned that the company:

• was not conducting any training or safety meetings,

• their drug and alcohol program only consisted of 41 drivers,

• the driver qualification files were not consistent, • the shipping papers were incorrect,

• the company did not have a permit to haul hazardous materials,

• they have had accidents with no follow-up plan, and

• they didn’t have a preventative maintenance plan for the vehicles.

The good thing is they hired you! With your experience and knowledge what do you do at this point? You could potentially be faced with an audit from DOT. If you don’t pass this audit you run the risk of having your DOT number shut down which means all trucks must cease transport until further notice. So, what do you do knowing all the issues you have and what is at stack?

create a proposal to present to management on your recommendations to get the company up to speed and in compliance.

The proposal will consist of:

• Overview of the current state of the program;

• A detailed recommendation for each of the bullet points above, including a recommendation on how to address the citations the driver received for the accident (total of 6 recommendations) (Take a look at the CSA information – Description of the BASICs and the Safety Management Cycle for each Basic);

• Description of the resources you would need to achieve the recommendations (additional personnel, training material, promotional items, etc.); and

• Conclusion on the benefits of implementing the recommendations.

I’m looking for a 3-4-page proposal, double spaced, using 12 Times Roman Font. and the use of correct grammar, spelling and formatting .

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