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Salem Witch Trials Character Study

Paper details:

My character is John Proctor and I need to do a case study on him comparing him historically and from the play The Crucible. I have attached the guidelines for the paper

Paper 4
The Crucible Characterization Project
The Guidelines for this assignment from the syllabus:
Short Paper #4. Draft is due May 26 (AND SHOULD BE TURNED IN IN PAPER FORM) and the Final is due June 8 via D2L (5-6 pages). Character Study. Prepare a character study of your character from the scene study. Consider the historical roots of the character (using the secondary and primary sources) and the literary development of the character (from The Crucible)

Please turn in the draft on D2L as you have done previous papers. The Due Date for the draft is Mar. 5!

During the last part of the course, you will be portraying a character from the film, The Crucible, in the scene study. Your final paper is a companion piece to this project. You are responsible for doing background research on your character using the sources we have read over the term. Your paper should have the following parts:

• An Introduction, outlining who your character is from the play and who your character was historically.
• Historical Background to your character drawing from the secondary sources we have read (Le Beau and the articles in Mappen and on D2L) and the primary sources (from Godbeer). If you need aIDitional primary sources on your character, complete transcripts of the Salem Witchcraft Trials are available at:
• Literary analysis drawing from the Crucible. What is the role of your character in the play? How does the literary version of your character differ from or is similar to the historical version? What is Arthur Miller trying to convey to audiences through your character?
• Conclusion pulling all of this together!

You do not need to use footnotes, but you do need to you citations in your paper, whether you actually quote from sources or not. You should refer the author of your secondary sources, or the nature of your primary sources in the text of your paper: “Demos suggests that . . . .” or “The Deposition of Rebecca Nurse says. . . .” And then your citation should include the book and page number (Hill 289). Don’t give me page numbers in your prose: “On page 39 of Godbeer he says. . . .” And remember works like Godbeer and Mappen are edited volumes. They didn’t write everything in these books. Refer to the real author!!

I will provide some editorial comments on your draft, if necessary, and general comments through D2L as I have been doing all term. For your final paper you need to use these comments to revise your paper. Note, I won’t be copyediting your entire draft. You need to consider the kinds of comments I make in the first paragraph or two that I do copy edit, and then continue to make similar revisions throughout the paper. A draft paper is required and counts as 5 percent of your grade.

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