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Topic: Scenario – Nora Jones

Description: [?]
Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

*Scenario – Nora Jones:
Nora Jones is a 48 year old Aboriginal lady who has been diagnosed
with end stage kidney disease. She has been treated with haemodialysis
for the past three months in a large Brisbane Hospital. Nora is from a
remote Aboriginal Community and has been staying with her cousin
between treatments, but misses her home and her community.
Recently, Nora’s community has been provided with a peritoneal
dialysis clinic. In view of Nora’s wish to return to her home, she has
been offered the option to return to her community and commence
peritoneal dialysis in place of haemodialysis. Even though the change
in treatment will impact on her health outcomes, Nora has decided to
return to her remote area home.
As the RN caring for Nora, you have been asked to support Nora in her
transition from the current urban hospital care to the new remote area
clinic health care that is being offered.

*The Online Scenario written assignment is designed to demonstrate
your understanding of the necessary support structures required to
ensure Nora’s safe transfer to her community. While it is expected you
read widely, you are free to use any of the resources identified in
this scenario. Given the word limit, your assignment will be written
with no formal introduction or conclusion (one or two sentences will

*Question: Which factors would influence the development of a nurse
patient therapeutic relationship when working with Nora (e.g.
communication and/or cultural considerations)? Using literature,
justify your answer.

* Some points to consider when writting my assignment:
– Don’t describe how you would implement the factors you have chosen
to aIDress in your paper, but rather justify why you have chosen to
aIDress these factors. Why are these factors important?
– Remember that it is the quality of the references which is
important. To present an argument based upon literature found in seven
different text books will not be as convincing as one generated with
the use of three topical journal articles and two good online
resources (not .com or anything from wikipedia but rather .org; .edu;
.ac etc.). Use of references simply to bolster the size of your
reference list is not the point of this (or any other) academic

* Assignment content:
???? synthesis reflecting high level interpretation and critical
evaluation of the question;
????excellent understanding of questions central issues – all key
issues aIDressed;
????incorporates unit concepts within topic;
????challenging and comprehensive justification.
????Clear, consistent links between question and its central issues.
???? Excellent content and flow of concepts / issues resulting in
clear description and justifications.
????Appropriate application and interpretation of valid and varied
academic sources.
???? Clear identification of the question being answered.
????Used appropriate professional non- discriminatory language;
???? correctly cited all sources both within the text and reference list;
???? consistently and correctly used either APA or Harvard referencing style;
???? expressed ideas clearly, concisely and fluently with correct
spelling and grammar;
????rarely/not used direct quotes;
????kept to word limit (550 words).

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