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Science Impacting Modern Life

  1. What are some possible detrimental health effects associated with BPA?

Bisphenol A is attributed to be an endocrine disruptor since it copies estrogen, a natural hormone, and at times may deceive the body through the productions of reactions that are not important and may be harmful.

Scientist connects Bisphenol A to high cases of heart disease, diabetes and liver issues in adults. Moreover there are issues based on brain and hormone advancement issued in children. Experiments have shown that bisphenol A can advance human breast cancer cell growth; lower sperm count in rats and bring about erectile failure and other sexual issues in the male human being.

Studies have shown that Bisphenol A arises from plastics and reins when they are undertaken through hard use or extreme temperatures (FDA, 2012). Since Bisphenol A is applied in a number of common products that are of use a good number of people in the developed nations are exposed to it.

  1. Explain the position of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding BPA

Certain government companies like the US Food and Drug Administration, the US Environment Protection Agency and other agency maintain that it is quite hard to a good number of people to undergo insecure form of BPA exposure in the normal lives.

Certain aspects of this conclusion have been quite controversial, though, in the rise of studies done regarding health implications of bisphenol A (FDA, 2012). The safety minimum norm set by the EPA was with regard to past information and was not updated. Even more disturbing was that the FDA results was not acknowledged when it was noted that the company had not taken into consideration the advice of the scientist and made the representatives of the chemical company to play a major part on the final document. Even with this issues regarding the potential health impact of BPA went on to develop and a good number of concerns are quite justified.

  1. What is the position of your state government regarding BPA?

BPA in Canada is regarded as safe for good for packaging. This is based on studies that show that the chemical has no health risk to the demography as well as children. The Health Canada’s Bureau of Chemical Safety stated that with regard to the general weight of proof, the results of its prior evaluation had not varied and the Health Canada’s Food Directorate went on to state that the present dietary exposure to BPA using food packaging uses that is not bound to create health threat to whole country, as well as the newborns and young ones (FDA, 2012). This information of course goes against what the US Food and Drug Administration did banning the application of BPA in the bottles of young ones as well as their sippy cups

  1. Do you feel that BPA should be more tightly regulated in the US? Why or why not?

In the year 2004, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) got that the BPA that was existent in the urine of about 90% of the ones tested, and concluded that several Americans are left vulnerable to bisphenol A at levels that above safety measurement that are set by the EPA. The Center for Disease Control information similarly showed that several young ones were more exposed to BPA when compared adults that on the other hand had high levels when compared to adults (FDA, 2012). Moreover, the National Toxicology Program of the United Stated Department of Health and Human Services came to a conclusion that there exists a certain reason to be looked into that BPA may bring about progressive issued in the brain of the young ones and hormonal systems. The US ought to stop bending rules regarding the impact brought about by the big industry and place the health of Americans on the fore front through placing controls.























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