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Group Project consists of the following three Assignment (all three must be completed) 1) Search the Web for the term “Artificial intelligence” (AI). Classify AI. Compare examples of AI in the table format. Advantages and disadvantages of AI. Describe trends for future development in AI. 2) Search the Web for the term “Social media information systems.” Describe and provide examples of security and privacy issues in social media information systems. 3) Search the Web for the terms “Internet of Things (IoT).” Describe IoT, most popular applications, problems and trends. Explain how is it related to the “Internet for All” concept. What to do:  Work on the group assignments as a team and complete the report in Microsoft Word  It is essential that all group members work together as a team – one of the objectives of the course. If, however, for a legitimate reason a person needs to complete a project individually, he/she can do it by informing the rest of the group through email (cc: to the professor) and with a permission of the professor. If the permission is obtained, this student will need to submit the entire project (not a part of it) as an individual file.  At the top of the completed assignment report, write the names of the group members who actively participated in the assignment (omit those who did not participate – professional ethics) – see a template below.  Include References section (sources used or quoted in the report) and references in the text. Minimum 7 source materials referenced in the text.  The report should consist of three parts: (a) heading (a template is shown below), (b) question (in bold), and (c) answer. Place a question you are answering in the assignment before your answer. See the heading template below.  Upload report to Moodle (see the upload link)  Only one member of the group should upload the completed assignment report to Moodle on behalf of the group.  Only one file can be uploaded; therefore, incorporate your designed diagrams/charts (if needed) into your Word file. The length of the entire uploaded Word document must be at least 3000 words minimum. Use font Times new Roman 10. Line space: single.  Follow the required file naming convention for uploading the group work: Gr#, where # is the the group number (For example: Gr5 means group assignment by group 5). If a student is permitted to submit an individual report (not on behalf of a group), then use naming convention Gr#-FirstnameLastname.  For upload, only Microsoft Word is accepted. Not acceptable: ZIP files. PDF file, image files (e.g., .jpeg), points will be reduced.  Follow this report template:

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