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Select a health problem to explore in detail by using a descriptive epidemiological approach
Paper instructions:
Objectives of paper:
Gain experience in describing and analyzing the distribution of health disorder in a population.
Become familiar with various sources of data for the epidemiological description of a health disorder.
To enhance ability to make sound epidemiologic judgments related to public health problems.

Model for Organization of paper:
-Define the problem(Nature, extent, significance)
-Describe the agent.
-Describe the condition. (Briefly)
-Examine sources of data on morbidity and mortality in the selected health problem.
-Summarize these data on the distribution of the selected health problem according to Person, Place, and Time. Use tables, graphs, or other illustration whenever possible.
-Summarize any current hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the observes distribution.
-List the principal gaps in knowledge about the distribution of the health problem.
-Suggest areas of further epidemiologi

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