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Paper details:

Have to complete a 2500 word assignment, in which I will critically reflect upon the holistic care management of a patient I have cared with sepsis in critical care (where I work as a nurse – intensive care unit).

I have to demonstrate the following:
1. A critical understanding and analysis of the condition chosen

2. The ability to analyse, interpret, interrelate and evaluate patient data.

3. The ability to critically reflect on how the data will be used to enhance my future practice.

I don’t have any example of a scenario so it can be made up. It has to talk about the bundles and the sepsix six. In this essay I want to develop particulary the importance of blood cultures and early administration of antibiotics.

The essay should be word processed or typed on A4 size paper with double line spacing. There should be a left and right margin (suggested amount 2.5cm unless the work is being bound when the left should be 3.25cm) and pages numbered in order.

The work should be suitably referenced using the Harvard referencing system

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